The Nuyaka Natural Farm in Creek County

Thursday, March 3rd 2005, 10:33 am
By: News On 6

Organically grown produce directly from the field to you. That's the dream of James and Jennifer Cooper. We first met this couple 2 years ago, now they have their own farm in Creek County.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells stopped in to see if that big dream is growing at the Nuyaka Natural Farm.

It's planting time at James and Jennifer Cooper's place and here comes some help. 2 year old Amani brought bagels. It takes a lot of help to get eight or ten acres of vegetables in the ground and it's a way to share knowledge and the workload. James Cooper: "We have to help each other and support each other to survive."

They grow everything organically and to make it all work. They sell shares in the eventual crop and during the 22 week harvest season they provide the share holders a big bag of what ever was harvested that week. Share holders also can get fresh eggs. Jennifer Cooper: "We are planting onions, red bulb onions." Soon it'll be potatoes, lettuce, leeks and some herbs.

James Cooper: "March is kind of a weird time weather wise, the Northeast is still getting pounded with snow, so it's still a risk, but the soil is warming up." And the Cherry Street Farmers Market opens next month so he wants to get going. They are applying for organic certification from the state, it's time consuming, but when they get it, it will open up some other markets for their produce.

They've also attracted some four legged help. James Cooper: "We are kind of a dog safe haven, we showed up with one and now we have..." I think I counted five.