Changes in SAT tests

Saturday, February 26th 2005, 7:46 pm
By: News On 6

Question: How much has the SAT changed?
A) Very little
B) Somewhat
C) Drastically
D) None of the above

Its a question many students and their parents are asking.

Chris Posey, SAT Prep Instructor: "The English side has had the big major change of the added essay."

Students taking the SAT will no longer just bubble in A, B, C or D, they're going to have to prove they can write also. The College Board, the organization that designed the exam, has added a 25-minute writing section.

Stephanie Jacoby: "I'm personally alot better with math than english. But some people are really great with essays and they're not as good with just picking an aswer and they cant really express what they're thinking so its probably helpful overall."

Some students might not be so excited but teachers and colleges think the change will help emphasize the importance of writing whether a student goes on to the workplace or college.

Chris Posey: "I think it’s a good addition. When students go to college they're not going to be taking standardized tests they're going to be writing essays and not just for freshman comp."

The College Board website is crammed full of information for parents and students about the new exam. And all the changes are making SAT prep courses more popular. These students are reviewing practice essays, pointing out the positives and trying to avoid the pitfalls.

Bryant Sample: "I’m gonna study on big words and try to build my vocabulary."

So, how can you best prepare for the new SAT?

A) Take a prep course
B) Download a practice test
C) Talk with your teachers
D) All of the above

You can't go wrong with "D"