Broken Arrow woman selling products made from ' hemp'

Wednesday, February 23rd 2005, 10:24 am
By: News On 6

Many people are finding they can operate a successful business from home using the Internet.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells has found a Broken Arrow wife and mother who operates the Earth Friendly Network, selling products made from hemp.

Amie Nguyen is an e-tailer; she operates three web sites selling more than 1,000 products all made from hemp, none of them you smoke. "This is just hemp fabric. It's dyed with fiber reactive dyes. These pillow cases that are on these pillows are made from hemp fabric."

She discovered hemp products a couple of years ago, the more she read the more she became convinced of its value. Her three web sites get hundreds of hits a day from interested people all over the world; most of her US customers live on the east or west coast.

There are hemp seeds. They are toasted and flavored; you can use them in cooking like sesame seeds. Most hemp products are pricey primarily, she says, because it all must be imported. Hemp can't be grown in the US because of it's association with marijuana, but all these products are legal and she is quick to point out she is not for legalizing marijuana, but she is an advocate for the hemp fiber and that's different.

A shirt and some jeans are made from hemp imported from Romania. All these products on the table[pictured left] are made from hemp; even the soy candle is burning a hemp wick. "Just about anything and everything can be made from hemp." So there are fabric, yarn, clothing, cloth diapers, skin care products, dietary supplements, food and more all made from hemp.

For more information check out Amie's web site