Muskogee family's secrets to long lasting marriages

Monday, February 14th 2005, 9:47 am
By: News On 6

Since Monday was Valentine's Day, we looked for help on what makes relationships last. The News on 6 heard about a Muskogee family, eight brothers and sisters, whose marriages have lasted from 37 to 60 years.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells talked with them to find out the secrets of a long marriage at a restaurant in Muskogee.

This once a week family gathering has been going on for maybe ten years. The eight brothers and sisters and their husbands and wives get together once a week for breakfast.

Bodene Moses: "'bout the only time I get to see everybody." She and her husband Barney have been married for 56 years.

Jerry and his wife Jimmy have been married 43 years, they had to leave early to take grandkids to school.

Pauline is the second oldest sister she and her husband Frank were married 55 years. He died last year but she brought his picture, she called him her cowboy. "Four kids, 11 grandkids and 13 great grandkids."

She says give and take is the secret, more give than take. Her younger brother Lucky says the same thing. "If you bend over far enough, both of you, you'll meet." Sounds simple enough, but statistics tell us most marriages end long before these.

Doris Hill: "They don't take it serious enough." Her husband Dale is the oldest brother, they will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary later this week. He worked for Manhattan Construction for 30 years. Dale Hill: "We don't like to shop around much."

60 years for them, Jolene and her husband Bill, 53 years. Gale and his wife Johnnie met at church. Johnnie Hill: "He came from Eastern Heights Baptist Church and picked up a car load of girls." All of them in nurses training at the old Baptist hospital, Johnnie was one of them, that's how they met. Gale Hill: "I just picked the best one and went for that." They have been together 47 years, eight siblings, all working on their first marriages, from 37 to 60 years, quite a family. Lucky Hill: "I'm next to the youngest; I had them to look up to all this time.” Now we do too.

The youngest Hill brother, Dare, is a school teacher in Muskogee and couldn't attend this week's breakfast. He and his wife Jane have been married 37 years.