The 911 calls made from Lowrance Electronics during Thursday's shooting

Friday, February 11th 2005, 3:17 pm
By: News On 6

Some terrifying moments for the employees of Lowrance Electronics. Five people called 911 Thursday afternoon when Cory Baker walked in with a shotgun and killed his ex-wife, Catherine Tudor and then, killed himself.

News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright got a copy of those 911 tapes.

Two of the people who called from inside Lowrance Electronics were huddled underneath desks, whispering in fear.

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Caller: "I need a police car, a bunch of them. Oh my God, 12000 East Skelly, Tulsa. This guy's got a gun and his shooting. Oh my God, there's three. Now, come now. Oh my God, there's four shots.”

Caller: "There are shots fired, a man with a gun."
911: "In the business?"
Caller: "Yes, in the business.”

Each of the employees immediately assumed the man with a gun was Cory Baker. They all told police dispatchers that they knew the divorced couple had been having trouble. Caller: "Him and his wife are having problems. There's another shot."
911: "Does she work there?"
Caller: "Yes, another shot and another shot, please hurry."

Caller: "We believe, one employee went and filed a protective order cause she's been having trouble with her husband. We believe it's him that's doing the shooting at this time."

The man who called was on his cell phone in a nearby hallway and didn't have the protection of a desk or even a door he could lock and hide behind.

Caller: "I heard the shots and a lot of people running away. One guy said he heard him say don't come in, I have a gun, that was before the shots were fired."

Each of the callers stayed on the line until Tulsa Police officers arrived on scene, which was mere minutes, dread in their voices that their worst fears were realized.

Caller: "We had been waiting for him, we were afraid something like this would happen.”

Afraid it would happen and yet, powerless to stop it, despite their bravest efforts.

Tulsa Police say Catherine Tudor tried to keep others safe from her ex-husband.

They say she warned Tulsa County Sheriff’s deputies who would have to serve the protective order, she saved the life of a co-worker by pushing her out of the office and had even called a veterinarian to keep her dog for a few days because she was afraid it might be in danger. The vet tells us she never had a chance to bring the dog to the clinic.