Tulsa area law enforcement agencies working together to catch a sexual predator

Friday, January 28th 2005, 10:10 am
By: News On 6

Sand Springs and Tulsa Police detectives are working together to catch the man who took a little girl from her home and sexually assaulted her. They fear this is the same man who's raped five others in Tulsa.

News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright goes inside the investigation and explains why detectives don't want you to focus solely on the composite drawing in this case.

A drawing was created by an 11 year old girl assaulted by the serial rapist, with the help of a police artist. While it's a tool, police stress it's not a picture or portrait, it's just an idea. Sgt Gary Stansill, Tulsa Sex Crimes Unit: "It may look like him, then again, it may not, so don't focus on the composite alone. Consider it one aspect of the information."

They say it's more important to focus on known facts, like the locations where this person hit, the times, generally overnight, that's he's a white man, the clothes he was wearing, the OU ball cap and the Eddie Bauer shirt and the fact he enters through unlocked doors and windows.

A stack of reports represents just a portion of the paperwork generated by one of these cases of the five connected. They've received 300 tips and interviewed upwards of 100 men. Tulsa and Sand Springs Police believe this man is looking in lots of windows and trying lots of doors, which makes them think someone has seen him or will and that's most likely what will break the case. "So, how many windows is he looking in or residences is he prowling to find one unlocked window and then, to find the type of victim he prefers.”

Police appreciate people's frustration that this man is still out there, terrorizing children. They are also frustrated and they feel, with each new attack, they are responsible. "We don't forget about these cases, this case will be active and we will never forget about it." Until it's solved, people need to double check their doors and windows and report anyone remotely suspicious.

Tulsa and Sand Springs Police would like you to call if you know anyone who would be in the targeted neighborhoods either for a job or to visit friends or relatives. And remember, if he doesn't look like the composite, call anyway.