Several Tulsa businesses working extra hard to get your business

Tuesday, January 25th 2005, 10:19 am
By: News On 6

We've all seen them on the side walk waving at passing cars. Some wear costumes, others carry signs. Who are these people?

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells talked to a few of them Tuesday about why they do it and if it works.

Cherry Muniz has been out here in front of the Liberty Tax Office in Tulsa almost every day for the past three weeks. Her job, to wave and attract attention for the business. "A lot of them wave back. Some of them give you a few California Hy-dees's, but most of them wave back."

She's out rain or shine, whatever the weather. "One morning I was out here, it was like 16 degrees." Frozen stiff, she said but still waving. She likes being outside doing something. $6.50 and hour is OK, but she likes the contact with people.

Owen Froeschle considers himself an entertainer. "It's a street performing gig." He's got a routine for cars with girls and a different one for the guys.

Jan Smith owns 3 Liberty Tax preparation franchises in Tulsa and when you're competing with nationally advertised tax services you gotta do something unconventional. "It's called ‘Gorilla Marketing’ and it works." She says it really bring business in the door.

Same story across town. The Quiznos on the very busy 71st Street shopping district might be ignored in all the traffic. Christian Young: "It helps remind people we are here." It is so effective his manager pays him more for doing this than if he were inside making the sandwiches.

Effective for sure, but only part-time work.