Making bullets in Oologah

Friday, January 21st 2005, 10:12 am
By: News On 6

A man who grew up in Oologah decided to take a shot in the bullet business, and he believes it's paying off.

Bill Casey moved his company from Arizona to Oklahoma and News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan says his business is something of a childhood fantasy. ”I grew up watching cowboy movies just like everybody else my age."

Casey turned a pastime of making bullets into a business. A few years ago he bought out a big name in the business, Meister Bullets, and moved it from Phoenix, Arizona to Oologah. "Oologah was because of the building, that's correct and Oklahoma was because it was centrally located and it expanded our customer base."

Meister specializes in high quality, cast lead bullets, used especially in the growing sport of "Cowboy Action Shooting." The plant in Oologah can crank out 160,000 bullets a day, with a secret coating and lubricant the company says sets their bullets apart.

For a company that ships lead in and out, location is important to keep costs down. For Meister, moving to Oologah helped that. They believe their service - such as making bullets fitted for an individual gun - is what's helping them grow. “These are soft lead, they're pure lead, you run them down the barrel and you send them down the barrel of a gun and size them exactly because shooting lead bullets, it has to be sized exactly to get accuracy and good quality shooting.”

Meister Bullets has 11 employees, but is growing along with the sport that creates most of their customers.