Tulsa Police officer is recovering at home after being hit during a traffic stop

Thursday, December 30th 2004, 5:52 am
By: News On 6

A Tulsa Police officer is out of the hospital and recovering after being hit by a car during a traffic stop Wednesday afternoon.

The accident on US Highway 169 near 31st Street could've been deadly. More officers are killed in traffic crashes than in shootings.

Now the question, how you can help keep yourself and officers on patrol safe?

When Tulsa Police officers heard that one of their own had been hit on the highway during rush hour, they tried not to expect the worst. Tulsa Police Sgt Luther Breashears: "We consider ourselves as a department very lucky that we're not wearing black mourning bands and attending a funeral very soon. So we're fortunate it turned out the way that it did." Sergeant Breashears says Wednesday's accident involving a motorcycle officer, an out-of-control driver and commuters rushing to get home made for a dangerous combination. "That inside lane is there for emergencies, but it's very, there's no wiggle room at all in that line as the outside shoulders designed for."

Tulsa Police officer Craig Murray: “Fire trucks, police cars, ambulances. You name it, it's been hit." Officer Craig Murray spent more than 15 years on a motorcycle working traffic. He says they are supposed to be more maneuverable in heavy traffic, but their smaller size also makes them more dangerous. "They put their life on the line every day when they put on that uniform and they respond to calls or go out there and try to provide a service, but even in driving around, they've also got to be careful because unfortunately things are happening like that too."

A new state law says when an emergency vehicle is pulled over to either side of the road; you must give them as much room as you can. If you can't pull to the far lane, you have to slow down. If you don't, you could be getting pulled over too.

Tulsa traffic enforcement officers say always pull off to the right if you're having car trouble or if you're being pulled over by police.