Guitar Center to open a store in Tulsa

Thursday, December 2nd 2004, 10:08 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa area musicians are singing Hallelujah. Guitar Center is opening a store in Tulsa in January. For those of you who've never heard of Guitar Center, one player calls it the Bass Pro Shops of the music world.

News on 6 business reporter Steve Berg takes us inside what's called the nation's only instrument superstore. There is a Guitar Center store in Oklahoma City, where musicians were singing the praises about the selection. Musician John Stow: "I've done mail order, I've done through EBay and it's usually not as good, you really need a store where you can sit down and play it."

And do they ever. The manager's motto is everything's plugged in, everything's turned on. Musician Adrian Jordan: "The opportunity to just kind of go and jam. Do whatever you want on the side and nobody really pesters you. You just kind of enjoy it." Musician Cord Whitt: "With here, you've got so much of a choice, that's what I like about it." And it's not just guitars, either. There are special areas for just drums and keyboard and sound mixers, take your pick.

There's even one room called the loud lounge. Musician Mario Kirk: “Here, they pretty much let us play anything that's on the wall anything we want, as loud as we want, most of the time."

The store in Tulsa is still under construction. It's not exactly music, but it sounds good to the locals. "I'm pretty stoked man, the more guitars the better as far as I'm concerned." Tulsa musician Michael Blair says he's sometimes had trouble finding his favorite brand Gibson or the chance to play it.

Guitar Center boasts they have the biggest selection of any music store and from the Guitar Wall to what they call the Vintage Room, with classic collector models. Guitar Center manager in Oklahoma City Chris Stephens: "We're going to be able to provide musicians with all the gear they've been looking at online. All the gear they've ever wanted to order, they're going to be able to come right into the store and play with it."

Consider yourself stoked.