More body parts found in a holiday weekend murder case in Tulsa

Wednesday, December 1st 2004, 10:44 am
By: News On 6

New information in a bizarre Tulsa homicide. The murder investigation moved forward Wednesday when officers found two additional body parts of a man killed on Thanksgiving Day.

News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright was the only reporter at the scene when the gruesome discovery was made.

Members of the police rookie class walked searched a field in east Tulsa with the grim task of searching for body parts, specifically two upper legs and any other evidence. Within minutes, searchers found what they were looking for, wrapped in a plastic bag. The had the medical examiner verify it, but detectives were pretty sure, because just a few feet away, sat the man who confessed to the murder and pointed officers to the spot where he dumped these remains.

Alfredo Rodriquez[pictured right] had already shown officers other locations where Jeff Calderon's torso and lower legs had been recovered. Tulsa Police Captain Tracie Crocker: "In my opinion, this is very bizarre. What they did afterward, how they disposed of the body with no real explanation of why they did what they did."

An eyewitness told police that Rodriquez shot Calderon in the head at the witness' apartment. That witness told police "Jeff did nothing to provoke the shooting. He was lying on the floor groaning when they left the apartment. Rodriguez planned on disposing of the body by cutting it up."

The case now moves to the Tulsa County DA's office.

As for the rookies, they received some valuable training. Tulsa Police rookie Matt Frazier: "We've been in a classroom for 24 weeks and we're ready to get out and do real police work." This was good experience for these rookies, but more importantly, the family now has some measure of grief for this weekend's upcoming funeral.

Investigators believe Rodriquez had an accomplice and are looking for him. They are also looking at whether Rodriquez may have committed another murder in Mexico.