On-line scam warning

Sunday, November 28th 2004, 5:27 pm
By: News On 6

A warning for online shoppers this holiday season.

Online shopping is more popular than ever with sales expected to top $21-billion this year. That's up almost 20% over last year. But as the online marketplace grows so do the possible dangers.

Take a fake email that is supposed to be from Ebay. At first glance it looks pretty legit it's marked with an Ebay logo and even has an ebay return address. But the folks behind it are really trying to scare you out of your personal information so they can steal your identity.

Leann Yoder says she almost fell victim to the scam. A couple of weeks ago she got a disturbing e-mail in her inbox. The email looked like it was from Ebay. And it said she was being investigated for fraud in connection with the site.

The email went on to demand personal information like her user ID, password, social security number, and bank account information. To make it even more intimidating the e-mail also threatened legal action if she didn't comply.

Leann Yoder: "when you are confronted with something like this you dont even see it coming and especially fraud investigation. I just wanted to cooperate. But then my goodness I would not give that kind of information out, so a red-flag went up."

Leann Yoder's instincts were right she found out from the real Ebay its all a scam.