Someone is trying to slam Cox Cable customers

Saturday, November 20th 2004, 6:37 pm
By: News On 6

Jim Hill was sitting in his favorite TV chair when he got a peculiar phone call.

Jim Hill, Cable Customer: "this is Jake, your cable prices are being raised however I can help you."

The caller was trying to sell him a new way to watch his favorite programs. But Jim Hill wasn't buying. "Having been a salesman over my life I resent that I resent implying someone else is gonna raise my prices so consequently do business with them."

At first Hill just dismissed the call as bad business. The second time he was annoyed. The third time he called Cox Cable.

Turns out Jim Hill isn't the only one getting phone calls claiming his cable rates were going up. Cox Communications says they've received several calls from customers just like Jim. And they say the sales pitch isn't even true.

Charla Murrah: "I just want consumers to know this is not something we've put together and we're not having a cable increase in fact we're freezing our rates until 2006."

Cox did raise their rates last summer but they say no more hikes are coming for at least a year. Charla Murrah herself got one of these calls and she says the company is working to stop it. "It was very infuriating cause we have been trying to spread this message and we're just trying to get to the bottom of it."

Jim Hill hopes they can put an end to the calls. So he can get back to watching football in his favorite chair without interruption.

Cox isn't sure who's behing the phone calls. But their lawyers are investigating the matter and they say they might take legal action to put an end to the misleading calls.