Kansas church takes its anti-gay protests to Sand Springs' high school

Monday, November 8th 2004, 5:47 am
By: News On 6

Protestors met high school students in Sand Springs Monday morning. The controversy over same-sex relationships spilled onto the sidewalks at Charles Page High School because of a "Gay-Straight Alliance Club".

News on 6 reporter Omar Villafranca says about a dozen members of the Westboro Baptist Church from Topeka, Kansas showed up Monday morning in Sand Springs.

Church members carried around signs that said God hates homosexuals and that God hates those who support them. The group also said Sand Springs school officials were going to hell. Church members were met by more than 3-dozen people who protested them being there. Local residents at the school say they're familiar with the church groups controversial method.

Owasso resident Douglas Langford: "I've seen these guys outside of concerts. They protest funeral, you name it and they're at it and if it has anything to do about homosexuality, they're at it."

Fred Phelps Jr with the Westboro Church: "This whole country is talking about it, it’s time for the Bible side to be out. God hates homosexuals and it's the filthiest conduct known to man." Fred Phelps Junior is the oldest son of the Pastor of the Westboro Church. The group has drawn attention before, protesting 9-11 ceremonies at Ground Zero in New York City with signs that said "Thank God for 9-11".

According to their web site, the Kansas church plans on protesting Reverend Billy Graham's sermon later this month in California.

Sand Springs Police were on the scene Monday morning in full force, just in case anything happened. Besides a few shouting matches, the protest were relatively calm.