Getting those special t-shirts ready for Bedlam week

Wednesday, October 27th 2004, 12:15 pm
By: News On 6

It's Bedlam week in Oklahoma. Many fans are looking for just a t-shirt with just the right clever and cutting slogan to express their school spirit.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells went to Stillwater and found the edgy slogans are easy to come up with but hard to get approved.

Chris' University Spirit Shop is one of several licensed shops for OSU gear in Stillwater. Matt Gambrell one of the graphic artists is already working on the design for a special victory t-shirt for Saturday's Bedlam game. We can't show it to you 'cause every other shop is working on a design for its own shirt.

Store owner Chris Norris is working on getting the design approved, the folks at OSU have to say OK. "It'll go from there to collegiate licensing in Atlanta." They control the use of all university logos. They get a yes or no. "They also will send that design to OU, because OU's on the shirt also." Ouch, OU gets to approve what you say about them?

Both schools have to say ok or it can't legally be sold. But artists, being creative, always have hilarious ideas for special designs for Bedlam.

I bet they came up with something special. Matt Gambrell: "It was funny to us, it was funny to cowboy fans, but it would just not gonna fly." Rick Wells: "He's not gonna tell me." Gambrell: "No, No." Norris: "You can't have Pistol Pete doing that to the Schooner."

You just can't always do or say what you want. Norris: "We had the idea of a screw going through the OU logo, that ain't gonna fly."

Every thing in the University Spirit Shop with a school's logo on it has been approved up and down the line. OSU gets a percentage of the sale too.