campaigns focused on a small slice of voters

Saturday, October 23rd 2004, 5:24 pm
By: News On 6

Neighborhoods all over Tulsa are getting papered today with political pamphlets.

Both the democrats and the republicans are out again this weekend trying to sway voters.
But there's one group of voters who's getting more attention than the rest.
With November second right around the corner, the political battle lines are drawn.

But some tight races have national and local campaigns focused on a small slice of voters, the ones who haven't made up their minds. The trick is they’re hard to find. Folks are registered as democrats and republicans not undecideds.

So, students from Oral Roberts University pitched in today to help the Republican party get out information to everyone.

The Carson campaign was also trying to cast a wide net today to leave no voter uninformed. Everyone's hoping to catch that elusive undecided and put them firmly in the red or the blue column.

Don Burdick, Republican Party: "in these final weeks people are starting to pay attention and that's why our efforts are redoubling."

Elaine Dodd, Democratic Party: "Many undecided voters in fact the majority of undecided voters will tell you they dont make their decision until they enter the polling places.”

Party leaders say many voters have made their decision about candidates for local and national races. But it's all of the state questions that have a lot of folks still trying to make up their minds.