Four Norman Police officers fired in steroid scandal

Friday, October 22nd 2004, 5:33 pm
By: News On 6

NORMAN, Okla. (AP) _ Four Norman police officers were fired Friday for allegedly taking and distributing illegal steroids.

One of the officers, Kyle Sherman, 34, also faces charges of conspiracy to deliver a controlled dangerous substance. The other three do not face criminal charges.

Sherman and Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper Timothy H. Timmons, 36, were arrested Sept. 30 on drug complaints and were suspended with pay pending internal investigations. The three other officers _ Joshua Keith, 32; Timothy Gibson, 33, and Denny ``Chris'' Holden, 31 _ were suspended on Oct. 1.

Sherman and Timmons were arrested along with 29 other people on complaints of conspiring to distribute a variety of drugs, including steroids.

A U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration drug task force investigation indicated that Sherman and Timmons had contact with a Norman bodybuilder and personal trainer who allegedly had been supplying steroids to several people.

Norman Police Chief Phil Cotten said the four fired officers performed well on the job and ``believed that their misconduct would enhance their ability to perform their jobs.''

``The shame of it is that they were good officers,'' Cotten said. ``These were good guys who made a big mistake.''

He said they cooperated with the investigation and have shown remorse.

``While people in other professions would normally be allowed a second chance, police officers are held to a higher standard,'' Cotten said. ``You accept that when you put on the badge.''

In a disciplinary document to the men, Cotten said:

``Your actions, which also include numerous violations of department policy, are so serious that I have no choice but to end your employment as a police officer for the City of Norman.''

Steroids are drugs, obtained legally only by prescription, often abused by bodybuilders to increase muscle mass and enhance performance.