Tulsa City Council votes to finance Owasso water line project

Friday, October 15th 2004, 6:07 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa city council passes a controversial measure to finance a water line extension into Owasso. The more than $4.5 million dollar expansion has been planned for a long time. The idea is to provide even more water for the suburbs.

Late last night, the Tulsa city council voted to fund contruction of a water line into Owasso. When completed the water system will provide needed water to the fast growing suburb.

The Tulsa water board wants to help other cities with their water problems. The city is projected to make a 10% return on the project. Despite that some city council members have told The News On 6 they don't like the plan.

"I totally disagree because those cities are going to grow, in fact they have atlernatives to get water," said Randy Sullivan/Tulsa City Council.

Critics of the plan question whether Tulsa should even help other cities get water, particular when some Tulsa homes don't have a city water connection which the Mayor has addressed.

"The idea of how can we better serve our residents is a valid question, but we don't want to answer that question at the expense of our neighbors and good will with our neighbors surrounding the city of Tulsa," said Bill LaFortune/Tulsa Mayor.

Tulsa charges more for water pumped outside the city limits. City leaders plan on using profit from the plan to improve Tulsa's water system.