Police Bust Fake ID Operation

Wednesday, April 25th 2007, 4:00 pm
By: News On 6

It's the latest way thieves are stealing from your bank account and area businesses. Tulsa police arrested a man trying to pass a forged check at a store, The News On 6’s Heather Lewin reports the bust wasn't unusual until detectives looked inside his car.

Tulsa forgery detectives say at first officers on the scene didn't realize what they had, but putting all the items found in the suspects car together they knew it was a fake id operation.

"We have piles of check books, we have computer generated counterfeit checks that have our bad guy's name as the account holder," said Tulsa Police Detective Cheryl Compton.

Detective Compton says Tommy Holland needed a fake id to go with the fake check. In his car, police say they found not just one, but the means to make dozens of phony licenses.

So how do crooks get these supplies? All a suspect needs is a hotel room key and a trip to the arts and crafts store. Police say any card with a magnetic strip on the back will do, thieves scrape off the front and make a fake id to match the name on stolen checks.

"Everything is bought at an office supply place, it's all over the counter, none of this is illegal to have," said Compton.

Police say the method has probably been around for a year or so, but it's just starting to pop up here in Tulsa. Compton says lately police are seeing more unsuspecting businesses falling for the scam.

"If someone does one of these, has the driver's license in the plastic container, just pulls it out a little bit, make 'em take it out and look at the back," she said.

Compton says crooks don't even have to steal your checks, just your account number is enough and they'll print up their own.

"It's real hard nowadays, cause if the bad guy wants to getcha, they're gonna getcha," Compton said.

Once again, Tulsa Police say a good way to protect yourself is be careful with the mail, not just your checks, but your bank statment can give crooks enough info to end up with what looks like a vaild account and a driver's license in your name.

Watch the video: Arrest Made In Fake ID Operation