Naramore Shooting Victim Opens Up About Tragic Incident

Tuesday, March 13th 2007, 12:58 pm
By: News On 6

Rebecca Caswell's family calls her a walking miracle. The man who shot her and murdered two of her friends was sentenced to life Monday. Caswell was shot twice in the head, then twice in the hand as she held them up to shield herself. News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright reports Caswell feels the justice system is more about the suspect than the victim, so she is glad to finally be able to tell her story.

Just the act of walking in a park is symbolic of the incredible journey Rebecca Casswell has been on since November 16, 2005. That's when a man burst into her home, murdered her boyfriend, Stephen Wilson, and her roommate, Danielle Dougan, and shot and pistol-whipped her.

Casswell's had many surgeries and needs even more. She was in the hospital for weeks after the attack, had a feeding tube for months and a trach tube in her throat. She couldn't walk on her own or care for herself, and she had a non-stop migraine.

Casswell says Alex Naramore is a man she'd only known about a month. She says he came in shooting because he wanted to steal money to buy drugs. She's only seen him twice since, in court.

"It's like stone, no emotion, no remorse that I can see,” said Caswell. “That's very frustrating. He comes in, ruins three families’ lives and he's just stone faced, like he doesn't care."

She admits her life was headed down a wrong path and believes because her parents were praying for her, she survived. She says her renewed faith is giving her back her life.

"I've made it through be getting close to God, re-establishing a life with Jesus,” she said. “It's helped me tremendously because you'd think this type of incident would have you cowering in the corner, fearing for your life.”

Caswell is now telling her story to young people at churches as a way to encourage them to make the right choices in life. She's looking toward a happier future; she's getting married this summer.

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