Tulsa Place Of Worship Grows With Congregation

Sunday, March 4th 2007, 9:12 pm
By: News On 6

One of Tulsa's largest church congregations finally has a church building that fits them. Victory Christian met for Sunday services in a new worship center. The News on 6’s Emory Bryan reports it was a celebration of the end of a project, and the start of what the church says is something even bigger.

Victory Christian Center moved into a new, 5,000-seat auditorium on Sunday. The church says every seat has a good view.

"One of the primary criteria we had for the design was that we not have people too far away so they couldn't relate to the person speaking or the person singing," Project Coordinator Mark Turner said.

The massive auditorium took four years to plan and build, with Victory's congregation paying cash along the way. It's debt free but still has the latest lighting and sound design so that everyone can see and hear what's going on.

"And there is no limit to the greatness of God, so we want to show excellence in everything we do including music," Edwin Miranda with the Victory Bible Institute said.

The congregation celebrated the expansion with music and a message from Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty. When the service is finished the congregation can enjoy a cup of java in the coffee shop in the church’s lobby, and they'll get there on an escalator.

"And I've never seen an escalator in a church, the escalator, the coffee shop, the bookstore," contractor Charlie Daniels said.

The bookstore has hundreds of titles, and it's another one of those features that congregations have come to expect in a growing church.

"For us the building is just a tool to reach people, this whole process have been about reaching people with the message of Jesus and his love," Associate Pastor Bruce Edwards said.

As big as their new building is, it's designed in a half moon shape that can be doubled if they need the room.