Calling For Directions

Wednesday, February 28th 2007, 10:54 am
By: News On 6

There is an old joke about men being reluctant to stop and ask for directions. News On 6’s Rick Wells reports he is one of those guys. But help finding where you are going could be right there in your cell phone.

Andrew Hancock is showed Rick Wells around Verizon's VZ Navigator system. It uses GPS technology to help you find your way around. "It's very easy. Just recently moving to Tulsa, I use it everyday,” says Andrew Hancock. So for him it's very helpful.

Verizon is new to the Tulsa market and VZ Navigator is one of their premiere services. He says it costs an extra $10 a month or you can temporarily add it to your regular service if you are traveling. Hancock says most of the Verizon phones will handle the system, and he said it's easy to use.

Rick Wells borrowed his phone and wanted to give it a try. Looking for a BOk ATM, there is a map and voice instructions. "Turn right on North 129th East Avenue." Rick Wells followed the instructions right to the ATM.

At one point, Rick made a wrong turn just to see and sure enough. “Make the next legal U turn."

Rick even found his way back to work. Next problem, where did he put his glasses?