News on 6 WARN Team Ready To Chase Storms

Friday, February 23rd 2007, 9:20 pm
By: News On 6

With the threat of severe weather late Friday night and early Saturday morning, our WARN units are preparing for a busy night. They're hitting the road with their high tech gear at the ready. But what does it take to be a storm chaser? And what are the dangers and why do they do it? News on 6 anchor Craig Day gives us a behind the scenes look.

Greg Sturge and Paul Stephenson are getting their gear ready in case they're needed. Both are part of the News on 6 WARN Team. When severe weather threatens the area, it's a good bet these two are right in the middle of it.

Stephenson has been part of the WARN Team for nine years. Storm chasing combines his curiosity about weather, with a love of technology and desire to help others.

"Curiosity I guess more than anything, but at the same time I'm able to pursue a passion and benefit people in the public by relaying information back to Travis and the other WARN Team members so we can get the warnings on the air quickly," he said.

Getting that information to the public quickly is critical during dangerous and especially tornadic weather.

"The more we can do to alert the public of what the dangers are, the safer we can make it for everybody," WARN Team member Greg Sturge said.

But both men caution others about chasing storms. WARN Team members get extensive training, backed up by resources in technology, manpower and expertise back at the station.

"Stay home and watch Channel 6, I think is the best way to do it," Sturge said.

"Without the proper resources and proper equipment, you could theoretically drive right into something that could cause you harm, do damage to your vehicle or possibly even kill you," Stephenson said.

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