Were The Super Bowl Ads Any Good? Local Ad Executive Weighs In

Monday, February 5th 2007, 10:31 am
By: News On 6

Millions of people watched Sunday’s Super Bowl, even non-football fans tuned in to watch the commercials. The big game has become much more than a football championship; it is also a competition for advertisers. News on 6 reporter Rick Wells talked to an area advertising executive to find out who scored.

Once again the beer guys, specifically Anheuser-Busch, ruled the day.

Advertising executive Bill Hinkle says they clearly know how to get the message across, whether it's humorous or heartwarming, he thought the homeless dog was wonderful.

"He hugs the beauty queen now she's got the spots on her, it was classic, well done," said Hinkle.

Bill teaches advertising at TU, and turns Super Bowl ads into a teaching tool. He says this year Chevrolet changed its focus.

"They made it into a story, and everybody was cheering for the machine," Hinkle said.

For the ninth straight year Anheuser Busch won the “USA Today” ad meter competition, seven of the top ten spots were Bud or Bud Lite.

Hinkle says the best ads hook you early.

"The first thing you have to do in the first five seconds is get someone's attention," he said.

Some ads are thoughtful, others are just flat-out funny, and all the best ones are memorable, if not for the product at least for the laugh.

By the way, the Colts won the game, 29-17.

You can check out the Super Bowl ads at www.superbowl-ads.com.