Search For Stolen Goods Leads To Rogers County Drug Bust

Tuesday, December 5th 2006, 2:45 pm
By: News On 6

A search for stolen property leads to a major drug bust in Rogers County. It happened not far from U.S. Highway 169, just north of Collinsville.

Tulsa Police teamed up with the Rogers County Sheriff's Office to make the bust. News on 6 reporter Ashli Sims says T.P.D. went looking for stolen goods and found a major drug stash, including a pound of meth and 20 pounds of marijuana.

From the road, it looks like your typical Rogers County farm. But Tulsa Police say it's not just housing goats and chickens, but dozens of stolen goods.

They teamed up with the Rogers County Sheriff's Office to check it out and found much more than they bargained for.

"Looking through the residence we're finding probably about a pound of meth, half a kilo of cocaine, and about 20 pounds of marijuana," Tulsa Police Sgt. Greg Matthews said.

Even the detectives and sheriff's deputies were surprised at the haul.

"Yeah, meth arrests have been. I think the amounts we've been finding have been down. The labs have been down. That's why we were surprised to find this large amount of methamphetamine," Matthews said.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested the homeowner Jose Mondragon and his wife Maria Jaimes. They also took three kids into custody, who were also home at the time.

Police recovered several trailers, one was full of tools and construction equipment, another had wheels, and tire rims. Police say the homeowner told them the items were his, but they believe it was all stolen.

"We had stolen property out here, with the drugs we're just kind of all working together out here, and the Rogers Co. Sheriff’s Department has been a great help,” Matthews said.

Investigators discovered something else out of the ordinary during Tuesday’s bust. They found a red-tail hawk; it was in a cage, which is actually a crime that carries a $500 fine. The hawk was injured, so the game warden picked it up and took it to the Tulsa Zoo.