Cold Weather Delivery

Friday, December 1st 2006, 7:55 pm
By: News On 6

The Postal Service says letter carriers are doing their best to make sure the mail gets through. But, in some areas, delivery will be later than normal. News on 6 Anchor Craig Day found that out it’s not for lack of hard work.

On days like this one, be thankful for folks like Benjamin Johnson. While many are warm inside, he's outside delivering mail.

"Well I've heard it quite a few different ways, rain, snow, sleet. We're here. We try to do our best to get the mail to the customer," Johnson said.

Its just some days are a bigger challenge than others. In nearly 10 years on the job as a letter carrier, Ben's seen it all. Despite the sleet and snow and the winds that blow, with each careful step, Johnson keeps a positive mindset. But on cold days like this one he can't help but think of being at home with his wife or on vacation.

"Being in Maui. On the beach. Going snorkeling. hahaha. You have to think warm thoughts out here. If you don't you'll be cold all day," said Johnson.

Maui is where Ben and his new wife went for their honeymoon. Until the newlyweds can go back, he focuses on the tasks at hand.

"Being cold is the worst part. haha. You always, you always have to wrap up real good, put on plenty of layers, keeping yourself dry is very important," Johnson said.

And so is the job, so again it's good to be thankful for folks like Benjamin Johnson.

"Warmer is always better for me."

Less traveled roads pose the greatest challenge for carriers and can throw delivery times off. You can help your carrier by clearing ice and snow from steps and walkways.