Create Your Own Postage Stamp

Thursday, November 16th 2006, 10:23 am
By: News On 6

It won't be long until folks will start mailing for the holidays. Many people like to get holiday cards out early.

As News on 6 reporter Rick Wells explains you can create your own stamps to put on those cards and the Postal Service will even help you do it.

The US Post Office isn't busy at the moment but it won't be long, in fact, they've got lots of their specialty items out already. I heard you could personalize your postage stamps with your picture on them. Beth Fisk with the US Post Office: "You can do that." Rick Wells: "real legitimate postage stamps with my picture on it." Beth Fisk: "Absolutely, US approved postage."

Here's how. The postal service web site has a link to personalized postage. There are three vendors approved to do it. Rick Wells used, but all three do the same things.

Rick emailed a couple of pictures and in a few weeks he got stamps, one smiling and one with his tongue sticking out.

You don't get them for 39 cents each either. With shipping, 2 sheets, or 40 stamps was $39 about a dollar a stamp, not for everyday. Beth Fisk: "It's a great way for birthdays, weddings anniversaries, parties."

You don't have to use a photo you can use graphics as well. Any image that can be saved on a computer. "You can be really creative, it's up to you actually the limit is your imagination." And they are real stamps.

The Post Office has regular holiday stamps, Christmas Hanukkah, and more. There are rules; of course on what images you can use.

If you want to know more check of the US Post Office’s web site.