29th Annual Tulsa Run

Saturday, November 11th 2006, 3:03 pm
By: News On 6

Nearly 8,000 runners take to the streets for the 29th annual Tulsa Run.

Runners of all ages wound their way through downtown Saturday morning during the 5k and 15k races, and the fun run.

News on 6 reporter Chris Wright says there was plenty going on at the Centennial Tulsa Run. It featured a solid performance by News on 6 anchor Casey Norton, and even an impromptu wedding proposal.

Runners pushed themselves towards the finish line at the Tulsa Run Saturday morning. But once they crossed it, their pained expressions immediately turned to smiles.

"It's worth the pain, it's worth the sweat, it's worth it. It’s awesome, it's an awesome feeling," said runner Penny Mackey. Runner Jill Byard says she was a little tired, “but I’m on a high right now, I feel like I really accomplished something wonderful."

This year's Tulsa Run was the first ever held in November. It was moved from its traditional date in October so the run could be included in Tulsa's Centennial Celebration.

The chilly temperatures did not hamper participation though, as 8,000 runners took part in the 5k, 15k and fun runs. That included News on 6 anchor Casey Norton, who spent the past seven months training for the event.

Relying on that training, Casey beat his 15k goal of an hour, 15 minutes by more than four minutes. "The training carried me through, and it made all the difference in the world today, and it was like taking a test and I think I passed," said Norton.

The Tulsa Run also had some drama of a different kind at the finish line. After several months of careful planning, John Frazier proposed to his very surprised girlfriend, Jennifer Baab.

"I figure if someone is going to get me to run 9 miles and next weekend we're running 15, I figure she can challenge me throughout my entire life and keep me motivated," said Frazier. "I'm just kind of in shock right now, it's a lot of adrenaline and I’m in shock," Baab said.

Other runners, many of whom had never participated in a competitive run before, were also full of adrenaline, calling the event a life changing experience they will never forget.

"What it's done for me and how it changed my life has just been amazing. I will support this race forever," Norton said.

This year's Tulsa Run benefited the River Parks Authority. The Authority will receive $25,000, which will be used to begin construction on a new bridge near 31st Street and Riverside Drive.