Military Police Home In Time For Veteran's Day

Friday, November 10th 2006, 9:59 am
By: News On 6

Many folks are honoring veterans while others have family fighting overseas, but a group got home just in time to celebrate.

News on 6 anchor Scott Thompson says an entire unit of military police is coming home in time for Veteran's Day. They're based out of Joplin, and they're all split up on separate planes.

The News on 6 was there when a handful of dads got the best welcome they could imagine.

They're their own army, marching down the airport terminal, aunts and cousins, parents and grandparents, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters. Jada Crane's tiny hand waves an American flag for her father whom she hasn't seen since she was born. Jada’s mom, Rachel Crane: "It breaks my heart that he's missed out on the first ten months of her life. But we're lucky, because he's coming home, and not everybody gets to come home."

The Cranes are from Inola, where everyone felt the loss of a US solider Travis Grigg. He was killed in Baghdad this time last year.

Army Specialist Pistol Crane’s father, Pete Crane: "Since it is Veterans Day. And we know what it's like to lose one. We know what it's like to get 'em home now. So we're really proud. Really glad."

Jada stares toward the gate. Big brother Gage is perched on mom's shoulder, making a list of things to do with his dad back home. They're all smiles as they come down the concourse. One daddy gets the hug he's waited 11 months for and one by one, they each reconnect with the family they left behind.

The hugs never seem to linger long enough. As a family holds itself closer than ever, tears and kisses are automatic. Jada is all smiles at daddy's feet and a daddy is all smiles with his baby girl finally in his arms.

Specialist Crane is home for good. He's looking forward to getting back to work for a local oil company. Crane's father says he's just glad he's home, so he can mow his own yard.