Children Safety Concerns

Wednesday, November 1st 2006, 6:09 am
By: News On 6

It's a popular way for parents to support their young athletes. Tulsa Police say you should be cautious about how much school spirit you stick on your vehicle.

News on 6 reporter Carina Sonn says driving around town; it's easy to spot the window decals with a young athletes name, sport and even school they attend. But how much information is too much.

Tulsa Police say parents should think twice about placing the popular decals on their cars. Because it's one more way predators can gather information about your children. If you already have a decal, educate young ones on the different methods criminals use to lure kids.

Tulsa Police officer Jason Willingham: "I think it's a legitimate concern but I think parents could do a better job of talking to their children and letting them know some of the things that a bad guy might do to get their attention. That would solve a lot of problems."

Parents and kids should also be aware of what kind of information they are providing to strangers, including names on backpacks and clothing.

The News on 6 spoke with one mom who has a window decal on her vehicle. She says she hesitated a little before applying it, but she feels her children are educated on how to deal with strangers.