Truth Tests: Illegal Immigration

Wednesday, October 25th 2006, 10:09 am
By: News On 6

One campaign theme seems to being used by all the candidates and divided the country.
News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan says a lot of the campaign ads say the same thing, everybody wants to get tough on illegal immigrants. It seemed like something we should put to the Truth Test.

If you watch the political ads, you might think there's only one issue at stake. Sean Burrage ad: "Our country has always welcomed those who come here legally, but today there is a problem with illegal immigration."

Almost all the candidates, from both parties, mention illegal immigration in their ads. Amy Shaffer ad: "and stop illegal immigration. Amy Shaffer, She's one of us." John Mark Young ad: "He's running to get tough on illegal immigration."

Of the seven commercials currently on the air for legislative races, six of them mention the immigration issue. In one race, Democrat Mary Easley takes credit for getting tough. "And wrote a law to make employers verify citizenship and fine corporations who hire illegals."

But her opponent's ads claim she's not tough enough. Mark Wofford ad: "Mary Easley voted to give illegal aliens taxpayer money to attend state colleges. Easley supported drivers license tests to be in Spanish." Easley says one claim is true, the other is not. She supported the Spanish language driver's test. The college tuition bill allows Oklahoma high school graduates to pay in state rates - even if their immigration status is uncertain - as long as they are working towards citizenship. And it is a discount, not a direct payment.

All the candidates must think it's the issue of this campaign, because they're spending plenty of expensive airtime to talk about immigration.