New Crop of Religious Films Hit Movie Theatres

Friday, September 29th 2006, 10:15 am
By: News On 6

There's a new wave of mainstream media coming out that includes a Christian theme, and some see it as a welcome change to show faith in film.

News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan says this weekend there are a couple of movies are opening that have Christian themes and more are coming soon. They seem to be part of a trend to portray personal faith through the media.

“Facing the Giants” is the story of a high school football team and their coach, who turns around a losing record by turning everything over to God. It is a movie that was shot by a church - but it's reaching a national audience, through regular theaters.

Tulsa radio host Chris Kelly believes it's a breakthrough a trend to portray Christianity in regular movies. Chris Kelly with Spirit 102.3 FM: "There are things that are infiltrating the mainstream and we're getting the message out and people are going to see it."

These movies - some recent - some upcoming - are being promoted through Fox - just one of the movie studios with a whole division that caters to Christian audiences. Many Christians have been disappointed with the way their religion is portrayed on the big screen.

Now that movies like this one have come, they feel there finally is a reason to go back to the movie theater.

There are still portrayals some consider controversial, like the independent film "Jesus Camp." But Tulsa Pastor Greg Davis with Christian Chapel believes media portrayals help people figure out their beliefs. "If a Christian theme is the answer to providing some family entertainment that families can watch comfortably, then that's great."

Chris Kelly says "Facing the Giants" is just one of the new wave of high quality films with faith as a storyline - something he expects audiences will see more of, soon.