Littlest survivor brightens evacuation for New Orleans family at Camp Gruber

Sunday, September 4th 2005, 6:34 pm
By: News On 6

BRAGGS, Okla. (AP) -- Evacuees from New Orleans' Superdome came to an Oklahoma shelter with horror stories.

But Roman Coats' story came wrapped in a pink blanket and wearing white booties.

Coats' daughter -- Rochelle -- was born Thursday in the New Orleans Arena next to the Superdome. Rochelle and her family are among 1,400 evacuees at Camp Gruber in northeastern Oklahoma.

Her mother, Lynette Lewis, hadn't felt the first labor pains when Katrina struck on Monday. Within minutes, the family's home was filling with water.

Coats grabbed his two young sons as his wife clung to his shirttail. They made it to a neighbor's house and were taken by rescuers to the Superdome.

Lewis' labor pains began as the shelter descended into violence and chaos. A doctor delivered Rochelle without medication.

Coats says he considered naming the girl Katrina -- but though better of it.