Hurricane Katrina evacuee heads to Tulsa

Monday, August 29th 2005, 9:57 am
By: News On 6

Many people in Oklahoma are anxiously watching what's going on in New Orleans and other areas affected by Katrina.

News on 6 anchor Craig Day says for folks who have loved ones and friends living in Louisiana and Mississippi, the hours since Katrina slammed into the coast have been long and tiring. They're waiting for word from those in harm's way. “There’s just a little bit of damage. Some holes in it, so some rain is getting in through there." Michael Pogano, her sister, and three nephews got the last five seats on a flight out of New Orleans. "It's not looking good in New Orleans."

They're staying with relatives in Tulsa, but Michael's thought are with people living along the Gulf Coast. "We are constantly watching TV, watching the news. See what's going on. See if it is downgraded."

Hurricane Katrina spared New Orleans a direct hit, but its effects are still being felt there and elsewhere along the Gulf Coast. It worries Connie Moody of Collinsville. "All circuits are busy. Try your call later."

Moody has a brother in Louisiana and another brother in Mississippi, plus other relatives and friends in the South. She slept in the living room, to be closer to the TV. "It's a hard thing to watch it. When you see all that coming in and you think, where are those that I love?"

Moody is worried about her brothers home, the cotton crop, and most of all their safety. "Just in a second, all our manmade things can come down. So you know, we have to have our faith in something stronger than the things that we make and we build don't we."

Like so many people with loved ones and ties to the hurricane affected areas, there is plenty of prayer and the hope that despite the storm's power, things will be ok.