Tulsa family deals with a weekend homicide

Tuesday, August 23rd 2005, 10:30 am
By: News On 6

Murders don't just take a life; they also devastate entire families for years to come. The family of one of the Tulsa's most recent homicides talks about the loss and grief that comes when the police knock on your door with terrible news.

News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright has their story.

Kim Atkinson just buried her mother two weeks ago. She remembers her 25-year-old son sitting next to her at the funeral. She never dreamed she'd soon by burying her son. Matt Atkinson was killed this weekend at an auto body shop where he worked and lived. Tulsa Police say he was inside when he heard a gunshot outside and realized his girlfriend, Misty, had been hit.

Kim Atkinson: "He tried to get her inside the building and I guess the guy had driven off, but, he came back and that's when he shot him. Shot him twice, while he was trying to save his girlfriend."

Matt loved old cars and he was sporting longer hair in his sister's wedding five years ago and had gone through a period of getting into trouble, but his mother says he was trying to turn his life around and that included being a father to his daughter, Kaitlyn. "He said she was the best thing he ever did. He would light up whenever she was around and since he was a big kid, she thought he was great fun."

The man who allegedly shot Matt and Misty, John Seymour got into a standoff with Tulsa Police after the shootings and ended up committing suicide. His family says the couple had stolen from him and he'd been stabbed before the shootings, but police say they have no proof of that. Matt's family says why this happened, isn't important. Kim Atkinson: "I've told everybody it doesn't matter. There's enough energy needed to take care of his daughter and plan his service. There's enough grief without adding to it."

Matt's girlfriend Misty was shot three times. The Atkinson's say she's now been put on dialysis after having three surgeries in the past three days. Tulsa has already had 44 homicides so far this year, which is on pace to set a new record, so police certainly hope this spike in violence is about to slow down.