Search continues for missing elderly Tulsa woman

Wednesday, August 17th 2005, 2:25 pm
By: News On 6

An elderly Tulsa woman, who disappeared in late July is still missing.

News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan says Ernie Frey is desperate for news on his stepmother, Geraldine, who has now been missing three weeks. "She was real consistent to always be home before dark and usually she didn't leave home for more than a couple of hours because of her animals." But 82 year old Geraldine Frey apparently hasn't been home since July 26th.

There is no indication of a crime and few clues of what happened to her. Her family has searched her neighborhood, monitored her bank account and put up flyers all over Tulsa County. Despite driving every place she might have visited, they have found nothing.” I talked to her the Sunday before she went missing and everything was normal."

Mrs. Frey lived alone and regularly drove her car, which is also missing. It's a 2000 model 4 door Honda Civic that's metallic blue. It has deep scratches on the trunk and Oklahoma license plate 677-ZHD. Her family says without medication, her life is in danger, and they know it's unlikely she's still alive.

Mrs. Frey left her home the morning of July 26th, and typically would have driven Charles Page Boulevard to downtown, on 11th over to Harvard, and then south to 46th Street, to her doctor’s office. She never showed up there, but was spotted later in the day at a gas station in Sperry.

The family is confident with the sighting, even though it was 8 hours after she left home. She bought $25 worth of gas, but the clerk said she seemed confused and had to help her count out her money. "They helped her get gas, and she left, driving north on Highway 11." And that was the last anyone saw of Geraldine Frey.

The only lead the family can't track down yet is a cell phone call made from her Cingular Wireless phone the afternoon she went missing. The family was told without a subpoena, they'd have to wait for the bill to get the detail of that call, and without proof of a crime, and it’s hard to get a subpoena.

Anyone with information should report it to Crimestoppers, at 596-COPS.