Some Tulsa homeowners considering a class action lawsuit against PSO

Wednesday, August 17th 2005, 6:24 am
By: News On 6

There's new turmoil over trimming Tulsa's trees. About 150 angry residents turned out for a meeting with PSO and state officials. They're concerned about the work of trimming crews and the condition of the trees they leave behind.

PSO says it boils down to a battle between beautiful trees and reliable electricity. They say cutting the trees back is part of providing power, but homeowners say their trees are being hacked. Homeowner Clark Wiens: "I'm just concerned do we really have to destroy the trees to protect the wires."

PSO says sometimes crews would rather remove the tree than leave an eyesore, because keeping lines clear often calls for extensive pruning.

The reason for the increase in trimming the trees is part of PSO's policy to provide maintenance every four years. That's a rule residents say is resulting in severe and unnecessary cutting.

Property owners at the meeting were invited to join a class action lawsuit against PSO. Several people brought up the idea of putting the power lines underground. PSO's spokesperson says they're all for it, but the project would cost about $600,000 a mile.