Blogger highlights Tulsa landmarks

Friday, July 29th 2005, 10:19 am
By: News On 6

"Blogs" and "blogging" are all the rage these days. A blog is short for web log, an on-line journal that many people keep on the internet for all sorts of subjects.

One is sure to interest Tulsa fans and history buffs. 'Lost Tulsa' is the creation of Tom Baddley. Baddley lived here during his youth, moved away, and came back to discover a lot had changed. He says he grabbed a cheap, digital camera and starting snapping pictures of everything he could see.

He calls it a photo-blog of dead, dying and other interesting structures around Tulsa. Tom Baddley: "It's one of those things that bind people to the cities that they live in, things from their past affect them in their present and being surrounded by things that do trigger memories and bring back good feelings from the past tend to be things that stick around for everyone's sake."

You can visit by clicking on < a href="" Target="_new">Lost Tulsa.