New information about Tulsa's serial rape suspect

Thursday, February 23rd 2006, 11:12 am
By: News On 6

News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright uncovered a number of police and court records Thursday, which give new insights into the sheer terror the serial rapist's victims went through during their attacks. Also, the evidence Tulsa Police used to break the case.

Records show Gary Graham is currently linked by a DNA match to eight attacks on victims, from age 4 on up. They say there are 14 other non-confirmed DNA sexual assault cases that have a similar MO. He is linked to another attack by a fingerprint and to a peeping tom case by an eyewitness.

Records show all the victims were startled awake by their attacker either tearing off their clothes, crawling on top of them or touching them. The rapist had a knife in four of the cases and threatened to kill many of his victims.

In one case, he covered the victim's face with a pillow to stop her screaming, in another, he used his hand. Records say in one case, he took the victim's underwear with him, she was 4 years old.

Gary Graham is being held without bond in the Tulsa County jail on 38 seperate complaints connected to the serial rape case.

After each attack, detectives were able to add to their profile of the serial rapist suspect, but it took them months to find the suspect they were looking for.

News on 6 anchor Scott Thompson says Tulsa Police put together a physical profile of what they thought the serial rapist would look like, but they also had a behavioral profile of how they thought he'd act.

As far as his appearance, victims who were able to remember their attacker helped police put together a number of composite sketches. In each one, the serial rape suspect looks a little different. Tulsa Police thought they'd be looking for a white man, around 35 years old, about 6 foot tall, with short light brown hair. Jail records show Gary Graham is 36 years old, about 5-foot-7, and with short brown hair.

Police also thought the serial rape suspect would have a night job, he would be familiar with the neighborhoods he attacked, and he would have a history as a prowler or a peeping tom.Graham was working two jobs, one of them sources say was as a night time security guard.

Graham's apartment was even within the same block as one of the attacks, and police have now connected him to a peeping tom incident as recent as February 1st.

At Wednesday's news conference, Tulsa Police say all these facts pointed them to Gary Graham. Tulsa Police Sgt Gary Stansill with the Tulsa Sex Crimes Unit: "At this point, what we've seen really fits, everything fits really closely to the profile."

The FBI put together an extensive profile on the serial rapist. Detectives say they can't release much of that profile, because it will be used in court.