Taking a train trip at Ollies

Thursday, February 16th 2006, 10:29 am
By: News On 6

We all have to eat and if you like trains or have kids who like trains, News on 6 reporter Rick Wells has found a place that has both.

It's Ollie's Station at 4070 Southwest Boulevard and it has a new owner and more trains than ever.

3 and a half year old Pete is at Ollie's Station to eat with his mom, but Pete's pretty busy looking at trains.

Joe Gilling owns Ollie's, the place has always had trains and he's adding more. Rick Wells: "How many trains you got in here?"Joe Gilling: "I have no idea, I've never taken the time to count them." There are more on the way, because back in the office, there are boxes of trains. "There are about 100 engines, in there and 300 cars."

He's looking for a place out in the restaurant to put them. That means more trains for kids. And Pete has found some more trains to look at. There are plenty, all different sizes, sometimes you can't even see the train, just the smoke puffing by. And there's even one that talks.

So where'd they get 'em all? "I get 'em at pawn shops, eBay, antique shops, some by donation." He's even got some trains that really aren't. "Those are Jim Beam whisky bottles."

There goes Pete again. Hey Mom, you lost him again. She says he told her he wanted to eat at the place with the trains.

Leland Eakle is here not for the trains but the food. "About once or twice sometimes three times a week." Like his cinnamon roll with out the icing.

Pete just wants to look at all the trains and he's found some friends to look with him. I'm not sure I ever saw him sit down to eat.

Ollie's is open every morning at 6:30.