Sports fans react to Eddie Sutton

Thursday, February 16th 2006, 10:26 am
By: News On 6

Sports fans have a lot to say about Eddie Sutton and the revelation he's still got a drinking problem, and his future with OSU.

News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan says it is definitely the buzz on The Buzz Sports Talk Radio.

AM 1430’s Chris Plank: "When Eddie Sutton finally admitted that he has a drinking problem and that alcohol played a role in the crash." It's been the number one topic all week for sports news. AM 1430’s Jeremie Poplin: "After taking medication for chronic back pain."

And for sports fans. Caller: “the only difference between him and a lot of people is that he got caught.” Caller: “because Eddie has been a good guy and everybody respects him, most people are willing to give him a break on this.”

Sports fans have been coming to the defense of Coach Sutton, hoping what happened on the streets of Stillwater doesn't affect his legacy on the court. But the fans think there's more to the Sutton story and they still have questions. Caller: “ I'm curious as to why the university or those coaches didn't provide a driver, didn't take those precautions." Chris Plank: "the email box is blown up and it surprises me because there's a lot more negative than positive."

Though some callers defended Sutton, none thought he should get off the hook for drinking and driving, and the talk is focusing on hat's next. AM 1430’s Don King: "is he going to coach again, should he coach again, and was this the first time?"

An Internet search Thursday found nearly 50,000 articles about the Sutton case.