Pryor's Sandusky Market

Wednesday, February 1st 2006, 10:23 am
By: News On 6

When News on 6 reporter Rick Wells heard about combination music store and produce market with live music everyday at noon, he just had to go see and hear for himself.

The place is Sandusky's Market in Pryor. Peanuts, potatoes, and lots of picking everyday at noon.

Its noon at Sandusky's Market in Pryor and the music has started, like it does everyday. It started purely by accident, Bill the mandolin player started coming in and started asking customers if they played, some did and that's how it started.

Les Sandusky: "Started out just a little bit and keeps going and going." Les Sandusky's dad started the store back in 1942 after the big tornado destroyed much of downtown. Actually it wasn't much of a store; it was more of a booth, 3 minute photos and guitar lessons.

While you were waiting for your pictures to develop, you could take a guitar lesson." Les Sandusky: "Yeah, you could do that."

His dad built this place in 1952 and it became a music store and a produce market. Still about the only place anywhere you can buy a guitar and golden delicious apples, pay for them at the same register and pickup some potatoes and peanuts too.

But back to the music. You never know who's going to come in. They even had a guy come in a couple of times form Fort Worth, .wanted to learn some new licks on the guitar. Bill Holt: "he wanted to learn how to play bluegrass, he could play every chord there was, and he was hotter than a firecracker on a guitar."

If you can play a little bit and love the music you're welcome every day about noon at Sandusky's Market.

By the way, I recommend a bag of the spicy hot Cajun peanuts while you listen.