Low levels at Hudson Lake could impact recreation

Thursday, January 26th 2006, 10:10 am
By: News On 6

The potential for wildfires isn't our only problem caused by the dry weather. Water levels are low at many lakes across Oklahoma.

It's prompting concern for business owners and anglers. News on 6 anchor Craig Day went to Lake Hudson where some worry low lake levels could leave them high and dry.

With the water so low at Lake Hudson, you can see the old railroad bed. Foundations are visible where homes once stood, but the dropping water levels have also uncovered concerns for Ron Martin.

Martin owns the Lake Hudson Marina. Everyday, he keeps an eye on lake levels and the weather. “It hasn't really gotten to a critical stage yet. You still have your die hard fishermen that are going to go fishing. Regardless what the lakes doing, they are still going to go fishing." But he doesn't want to take a chance. The lake is down about four feet. Folks are still fishing on the outdoor docks, but use of the indoor dock has dropped off.

Nearby is prime fish habitat and it used to be under water. "You can come out here and see how much it has went down, almost everyday."

The boat slips used to be filled with boats, but the marina had to move them because they would be sitting on the ground. A big concern now is that fish will move out to deeper water and that could impact business. The low water level is also a concern for Todd Copeland. He has fished Hudson for 17 years and can't remember a time when the water was so low. "I'm hoping we get some rain and hoping that Grand will release some of their water to bring ours up a little bit. It would be good." Good for anglers and for business.

For now, it's a matter of watching and waiting. Despite the concern, the low water level does have some benefits.

The marina has been able to clear away debris from the shoreline. And they plan to build additional habitats to make fishing even better once the water rises.