Muskogee Police investigate a teen with a shotgun on the Bacone College campus

Tuesday, January 17th 2006, 3:04 pm
By: News On 6

A 16-year-old boy was spotted on the Bacone College campus in Muskogee with a shotgun Tuesday morning. As News on 6 reporter Steve Berg explains, police say he was there looking for his girlfriend.

The Bacone College and the Muskogee High School next door were both on lockdown for over an hour Tuesday morning and Muskogee Police and K9 units searched the woods in between, looking for the gun.

A Bacone College student told the News on 6, it was the talk of campus. Brandice Aitken: “why is a 16-year-old on our campus, for one? No one on our campus has been able to get any information from anybody, and we feel we deserve that right. So it makes me nervous."

Muskogee Police told the News on 6, the teen was apparently dating a student at Bacone and that they were in the process of breaking up. Police also say over the past couple of days they had threatened each other, indicating they might use guns.

Tuesday morning, they say the unidentified teenager approached a Bacone College student and asked where his girlfriend was. That student alerted police, but they say the boy made it back to the high school before the lockdown.

High school student Braxton Owens: “that's who they caught; everybody heard it, because they came and got him out of school and out of class." Steve Berg: "So he actually came back to the school?" Braxton Owens: "yeah, he was."

So far Muskogee Police have not located the shotgun, but based on the witness’ statement, they feel confident there was one involved.

Muskogee Police say the District Attorney and an official with the Juvenile Service Division will decide Wednesday what the boy will be charged with.