Tulsa SPCA's Mobile Adoption Center

Thursday, January 5th 2006, 10:06 am
By: News On 6

Just like the library has a bookmobile to bring the books to people, the SPCA has the MAC, a Mobile Adoption Center to bring pets to people. The agency is hoping to make it easier to match pets with new families.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells says it is almost a way for dogs and cats looking for a home, to come find you. Pat Atkinson with Tulsa’s SPCA: "The idea is to get all our animals, about 20 at a time, out of about 100, out and about in town."

They call it the MAC, the Mobile Adoption Center. The SPCA has only had it for about four months. It's the only one like it in Oklahoma.

The dogs and cats pictured on the outside are actual shelter alumni. Atkinson: "There are nine animals on the MAC, each of them came through and stay a few weeks with us or a few months with us." A black and white cat named Oreo; all animals pictured are now happily adopted into good homes.

Getting the animals out away from the shelter gives folks a chance to see what the animals are really like.

Take Lucy or Ricky, not sure which, abandoned and sick, now healthy and happy.

The objective is to get these animals adopted and the SPCA will keep them as long at that takes. Dr Melissa Montgomery: "We socialize our animals we teach them to sit and to stay." Wow, that’s good. She says, getting the dogs and cats out into the community will give them a better chance of being adopted and will help cure some of the area's homeless animal problem.

The big spacious inside gives you a chance to walk through and look at all the animals. You can find out more about the Mobile Adoption Center, and about SPCA programs on their website.