Kitty bed and breakfast

Tuesday, December 20th 2005, 10:29 am
By: News On 6

Looking for something more than just a place to stay, for your cat, while you're out of town? How about a feline bed and breakfast.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells found one in midtown Tulsa, the Catnip Cottage, and he says it's, well, the cat's meow. If you are a cat fancier, then what you've been looking for is probably a place like this.

Sara Sparks: "this is our personality’s room; we have Al Pawcino, Pawverotti and Cats Domino." Personalities from a cat's world. Sara Sparks and her mom opened the Catnip Cottage at 1443 South Gary about a year ago. They've transformed a small house near 15th and Harvard into the Catnip Cottage.

The Purrsonalities room leads into the Hisstory room with rooms named for great cats of history, like Florence Nigthtintail, Cleocatra. Rusty is enjoying her stay in one of the cottage's deluxe suites, n the Litterary room, in the Romeow and Julicat Suite.

The suites are all named and they're all fun. Mary Pawpins, Sir Pouncalot and Lady Guinifurr, the Great Catsby.

So how many cats if the place is full up? Sara Sparks: "We have 21 suites some of them hold more than one cat. Over Christmas we are completely full, I think we have 35 cats." Most suites run from $17 to $25 a night, and there's a Purresidential Suite, it's a little more, but it can hold a whole family of cats.

The resident house cat is Gypsy; she's the quality control specialist. There is also a gift shop.

Guess about all that's left is to wish you a very Meowy Christmas.