Oklahoma ' Price is Right' winner

Thursday, December 1st 2005, 10:24 am
By: News On 6

That Oklahoma luck continues on the CBS show “The Price is Right.” It was just a month ago that a Tahlequah woman won big on the time-honored game show. Now a Cleveland woman has done it. And as News on 6 Steve Berg explains, wait until you see this Okie come sweeping down the plains.

Maybe they should have said calm on down instead of "Come on down." We're just kidding of course. Besides, The Price is Right loves this kind of thing.

In fact, Lisa Beckham thinks that's what convinced the show's producers to put her on contestant's row. "You've seen how I acted? I was like that during the interview." But then she was dazzled by those fabulous prizes.

Friend: "You look like you were about to pass out." Lisa Beckham: "I was and it gets worse."

But the prizes just got better and better. "I was totally nuts through this whole thing." Winning $10,000 will do that to a person. She says the producers came out to tell her that the money wasn't real. "But I thought it was real, and I was picking up every piece of it too."

Lisa invited the News on 6 to watch Thursday morning with her co-workers at Ugly John's Boats, west of Sand Springs.

Some quick impressions. She says the set is small, the wheel is heavy. And Bob Barker, "He is just as handsome up close as he is on TV." But not as pretty as, in fact, when she wins, she goes right past Bob to the new vehicle. "They had to come drag me out of it."

It's all hers now though, although you wonder if she needs something a little faster to keep up with her. “I lost like 5 pounds that day. I was on a rollercoaster, because I went from scared to total hysteria. It was a lot of fun."