Sapulpa BBQ sauce headed to Afghanistan

Thursday, December 1st 2005, 10:24 am
By: News On 6

Every region of the country has its own relationship with barbeque, and often it's the sauce that makes the difference.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells found a barbeque place in Sapulpa converting people half a world away to an Oklahoma flavor, one gallon jug of sauce at a time. "Now that doesn't look like a sandwich does it?" It's George Groenewold's version of a rib sandwich.

George owns Box Car Barbeque at 918 West Dewey in Sapulpa. Two ribs, a slice of bread and sauce of course. "Yes sir, one rib sandwich.” That sauce is kind of what this story's about, but give me a minute.

George has been selling barbeque in Sapulpa for 20 years, first downtown, now out on West Dewey. George has got his own way of doing things. Most people lay their ribs on a rack, he hangs his up, like in a smoke house. Uses only hickory wood, because it burns more efficiently. And he's only open three days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. He says that's all he needs to be. "Money's just a tool to buy the things that you need really." Says three days gives him all those tools he needs, also gives him time, to sing in a gospel quartet, and other stuff.

Now about the sauce. He's got a long time friend and customer in Afghanistan working for the UN. One day he got a call. “How can I help you Jack? Man, can you send me some BBQ sauce?" The guy needed a taste of home, so he shipped off a jug. Pretty soon another call. "The Germans love it, the Russians love it, the Italians love it. When can you send me some more?"

That was back in February and it's become a regular thing. "I just load it up and ship it to him. It costs about $15." Pretty cheap diplomacy.

Box Car BBQ in Sapulpa is only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.