An expensive smile

Wednesday, November 30th 2005, 11:17 am
By: News On 6

Some people spend thousands of dollars to keep their pearly whites sparkling, but a business in Tulsa can make your smile really shine.

News on 6 reporter Omar Villafranca has a mouthful on the 'bling' that has folks talking.

It’s the new million dollar smile. People in Tulsa spend serious money to make their teeth sparkle, in a different way. Soul Fulcher with OK Gold Fronts: "It's basically a whole other style of jewelry that you can wear, but not just only on your arm or around your neck, but you can wear it, know what I'm saying, on your teeth."

One $10,000 smile belongs to the owner of OK Gold Fronts. He says the trend started in the deep South and has finally showed up in Tulsa. Why would anyone want to have their teeth covered in gold, platinum or diamonds?

Soul Fulcher: "They might have, they might run across a substantial amount of money. To some people, it's like a little trophy, you know, just to be able to have it." His customers are all ages, young, old, black, white, even women come in.

H-Town with the canary yellow diamonds says a smile on the rocks is family affair. “When I was a little kid, everyone had it still. Hey, even my mama has got one."

The folks at OK Gold Fronts say the special teeth cost up to several thousand dollars and since it's cosmetic dentistry, they encourage their customers check with their dentist before getting it done.