Blue Star Moms urgent plea for gift box items

Wednesday, November 30th 2005, 10:13 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa's Blue Star Moms are in desperate need of donations for an Oklahoma unit shipping out in the next few days. The moms say 400 troops leaving Fort Sill won't get established in Iraq in time to receive Christmas mail, so the group is trying to get presents packed by this Sunday.

News on 6 reporter Heather Lewin has more on why the moms fear they aren't going to make it.

"We've got to pack 400 boxes, plus what we're mailing out and we don't have the stuff, donations are way down." Barbara Porter says everyday items, turn into treasure for troops overseas and since the war began, Blue Star Moms have kept up a steady supply. They like to add a little something extra this time of year, but they say hundreds of Oklahoma troops this Christmas will be lucky to get anything at all.

For the first time since their effort began, the moms say far too many of these boxes are empty. And unless someone fills them by Sunday, some soldiers will simply have to do without. "And that's sad."

Porter thinks the drop in donations may be due to the overwhelming need of hurricane victims in recent months. She hopes it's not related to growing disapproval of the war. "I hope they don't do that for that reason, they don't back off because of the politics. No mother is for war, no father is for war, but we are backing our children."

Porter says it's the basics that are needed most, like toilet paper and socks. Easy to come by items, that will go a long way. “You go to the Dollar Tree or Dollar General store, you can get a good sack for just $20 and that makes your Christmas bright. That's giving to others who really need it."

Porter says Green Country has been very good to the Blue Star Moms and they're grateful, but they're not even halfway to their goal of 400 holiday boxes by this Sunday.

Donations can be dropped off at any Fox Cleaners in the Tulsa area or at the Blue Star Moms location at 5889 South Garnett.

Items they desperately need:
toilet paper
eye wash
AA batteries
facial dust masks
hand warmers
foot powder
plastic baggies

Items they are running low on:
lip balm
hand sanitizer
tea bags/powder drink mixes
baby wipes
snack items